Video Guide

Our bikes are 85% assembled inbox for transport requirements. Little assembly work is required before you start your riding. Here is some guidance you may need.

>>VTUVIA SN100 Assembly

>>VTUVIA SF20 Assembly

>>Adjustment Guide for VTUVIA SN100

1. How to adjust the height of handle bar

2. How to tighten the head parts (headset)

3. How to adjust the bike stem

4. Adjustable front fork

>>Assembly Guide

5. How to assemble VTUVIA SF20/SK20 handle bar

6. How to change the speed sensor

>>Battery Assembly

7. VTUVIA SN100 Side pull battery

8. SF20 battery

>>Disc brake squeaking adjustment

1. Normally, the sound of half braking like this

2. How To Fix Noisy Squeaking Squealing Disc Brakes On A Bike