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Pedal For Life: VTUVIA Fat Tire E-Bike is Leading a Journey to Universal Health Awareness


This is a beast for hill, I climbed over 4,000' for the second range test, but the best thing about it is its price!


SN100 refers to it as a "Hunting Fat Tire eBike" and it is marketed as a men's bike with a frame which accommodates taller riders 5'8" to 6"5'. MGE is about 6' and fit well.


The Vtuvia SN100 is a versatile fat tire electric bike with a well thought out design at an affordable price. This is a great “first e-bike” choice, or maybe a second e-bike to share with the family.


The Vtuvia SF-20H is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an economical, yet capable folding e-bike.


If you're looking for a folding e-bike or are simply operating on a budget, highly recommend the VTUVIA SF20. It's convenient, powerful, fast, and comes loaded with useful features.


We believe our VTUVIA e-bikes are not only bring fun to ride, new e-bike riders feel healthier and more energized when they are riding.

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Meet the VTUVIA CMB PRO - A city e-bike that meticulously considers every detail !
Are you looking for a city bike? Want powerful performance with ample range? Desire a comfortable ride that's maintenance-free? How about an e-bike that's easy to hop on and effortless to ride, perfect for the whole family? Look no further...
Belt Drive Systems for Ebikes: Smooth, Silent, and Reliable
As electric bikes (ebikes) continue to evolve, one key innovation that enhances performance and comfort is the belt drive system. In this blog, we'll explore what belt drive systems are, their advantages over traditional chain drives, and why they're becoming...
Mid-Drive vs Hub Motor: Choosing the Right Power for Your Ebike
Mid-Drive vs Hub Motor: Choosing the Right Power for Your Ebike
When it comes to electric bikes (ebikes), the choice between a mid-drive motor and a hub motor can significantly impact your riding experience. Let's compare these two popular motor types to help you make an informed decision. Mid-Drive Motors What...