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VTUVIA SF20 Review-Vicky R.

I love my new bike it’s easy to ride and easy to maneuver.

Very rider friendly!

I’m a 64 year old woman!

Vicky R.

With some very good instructions from my husband John.

We are enjoying our E folding bikes here in Minnesota.  

Thank you for our time.

John & Carol Wieber

I purchased my Vtuvia S100 to cruise while traveling in our motorhome. Now it is my choice of transportation. I have logged 800 plus miles in 6months, and love every moment riding it. Being a Baby Boomer, it is therapeutic and keeps me young. Great product, and now my brother has one also. The picture is arriving at church.

Gene C.
VTUVIA SK20 Review-Mario M.

This is a well made E Bike & it’s a beast with that 750W motor!
It’s easy to fold but but I won’t be folding it, I’ll just be putting my bike rack behind my Jeep.

Mario M.
VTUVIA SK20 Review-James G.

Assembling was easy. Can well packaged no shipping damage. With the the exception of some minor brake adjustments, the overall riding experience is incredible. Fast and comfortable. Easy to ride. Battery design I give an A+. Shifting was easy and smooth. Tires are quite although you can hear the motor. Overall great bike.

James G.
VTUVIA SF20 Review-Ken S.

Fun to ride, plenty of power. Assembly of the front fender was marginal, the rivets holding the mounting bracket rivets pulled out, I replaced with stainless bolts, kind of cheesy. The front brakes need patience to adjust. In all I’m satisfied with the product.

Ken S.
VTUVIA SF20 Review-Cynthia P.

Setup out of the box was a bit difficult for a novice. Got a tech to make final adjustments and now loving this bike. Handles well on all types of terrain. Definitely would recommend.

Cynthia P.
VTUVIA SF20 Review-Karen H.

The Vtuvia SF20 step-thru is just what I was looking for... It's 750 watt motor is extremely powerful and FAST! Riding off-road... climbing hills... no problem!
The easy to read instrumentation, adjustable front suspension and fat tires makes riding comfortably smooth and easy to handle.

Karen H.

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