“Beyond exceptional products”

In the heart of a bustling city, Vtuvia was born out of the passion and determination of its visionary founder, Heather. Inspired by her own love for cycling and a deep desire to create something extraordinary, Heather set out on a mission to revolutionize the electric bicycle industry.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Heather assembled a team of like-minded individuals who shared his vision. Together, they overcame countless obstacles and challenges, pouring their hearts and souls into building a brand that would redefine the concept of electric bicycles.


Through tireless dedication and relentless innovation, the Vtuvia team developed a range of electric bicycles that surpassed all expectations. From powerful motors to long-lasting batteries and ergonomic designs, every aspect of Vtuvia's products was meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

But Vtuvia's commitment to its customers went beyond exceptional products. The brand recognized that superior service was paramount to ensuring user satisfaction. That's why Vtuvia introduced a groundbreaking initiative—free bicycle diagnosis and repair services.

V-Day Free E-Bike Clinic

“Lasting relationships with its customers”

Understanding that even the most well-crafted machines occasionally require maintenance, Vtuvia organizes free Vtuvia V-Day E-Bike clinics staffed by skilled technicians. These events provide riders with the peace of mind that their bikes will receive the care and attention they needed. Whether it was a minor adjustment or a major repair, Vtuvia's supports its riders so that they can continue their journeys without interruption.

This dedication to customer service set Vtuvia apart. User satisfaction soared as riders experienced the convenience and reliability of Vtuvia's maintenance services. Through these interactions, the brand not only addressed technical issues but also built lasting relationships with its customers.

Life changing stories

We at Vtuvia are always happy to hear feedback on how our bikes have affected their lifes and what has been their experience. At the E-Bike Clinic Sarah, a young professional, shared how her Vtuvia urban electric bicycle became her trusted companion, effortlessly navigating the city streets and transforming her daily commute into a delightful adventure.

Michael, now an avid outdoor and off-road rider, recounted how Vtuvia's fat tire electric bicycles rekindled his passion for the outdoors, allowing him to experience the same joy now as a city dwelling white collar worker as he had when he was growing up in Montana and cycled almost everyday.

Our principles

Vtuvia's success is not merely attributed to its exceptional products and services. At the core of the brand's philosophy is a deep-rooted belief in putting users first. We aim to provide the best user experience possible, constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate. This user-centered approach is the guiding principle that permeated every aspect of Vtuvia's operations.

Enjoy A Fun And Healthy Trip

Our Mission and Vision

Vtuvia's mission is to design and produce high-quality electric bicycles that cater to the diverse needs of their customers. They aim to provide exceptional products that deliver powerful performance, durability, and comfort. Alongside their innovative electric bicycles, Vtuvia is committed to offering outstanding customer service, including free diagnosis and repair services, to ensure the utmost satisfaction of their riders. Their mission is to enhance the lives of their customers by promoting the fun, health, and freedom of travel through their electric bicycles. Vtuvia aspires to be a trusted and reliable brand that continuously strives to exceed customer expectations and make a positive impact in the world of electric mobility.

Empower individuals to embrace their unique journeys and experience the freedom and joy of travel. Strive to be a leading brand in the electric bicycle industry, known for high-quality products and exceptional user experience. Vtuvia envisions a world where people can effortlessly explore their surroundings, connect with nature, and create lasting memories through the transformative power of our electric bicycles. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and enable individuals to live life to the fullest, one pedal at a time.