VTUVIA SX20 Vs VTUVIA SF20: Easier Than Ever To Get On

VTUVIA SX20 Vs VTUVIA SF20: Easier Than Ever To Get On

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Our new ebike VTUVIA SX20 Antelope is an amazing step-thru ebike. You may want to know what's the differences between SX20 and SF20, now let's go to share to you:

First, the biggest differences between them are the frame design.

The VTUVIA SX20 is designed with a low stand over height (15.4'') and an aesthetically pleasing folding frame, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.

Second, the SX20 has updated the battery range (Up to 10%) is the most important thing.

The bike is equipped with a 750 watt brushless rear hub motor and an LG 14ah battery, providing a powerful and long-range ride that ensures you can comfortably make your way home.

Third, the SX20 has new different color designs.

Our SX20 have three different colors, Green and Silver are the new colors.

Overall, our new model ebike SX20 will be suitable for more people. Do you want to place an order and try to buy it now?