Upgraded SF20H Balance Power and Safety

Upgraded SF20H Balance Power and Safety

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The SF20H has always been our best-selling ebike. Although it is a 20 inch step-thru type, it has a 750W motor and a Shimano 7-speed transmission system. Striving for excellence, we have upgraded the hydraulic disc brake and color display screen, and added a free front basket and soft rear rack saddle, making SF20H meet the standards of high-level ebike with best performance. Not only the upgraded SF20H battery receive UL2271 certification and the entire ebike receive UL2849 certification as well. This allows you to no longer worry about any safety issues.

Next, the article will take you through our specific upgrade plans and how they can bring you a more comfortable, powerful, and safe riding experience


1. 14AH LG Battery Receive UL2271 Certification!

The new SF20h adopts the world's top LG battery, increasing from 13ah to 14ah, bringing more powerful range.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a leading global security certification organization that provides security testing, inspection, and certification services in over 100 countries. And SF20h battery has passed UL2271 certification, which means that the battery can withstand over-charging, over-discharging, short circuit, imbalanced charging, and operate at a maxmum specified temperature. In addition, the battery must be able to withstand vibration, shock, crushing, drops, and rollover. They also must pass environmental testing, such as immersion and exposure testing to stated IP67 rating and rapid thermal cycling from extremely cold to hot and hot to cold.

SF20H reached the ultimate level of battery safety, allowing you to ride worry free.


2. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

With higher speeds and increasing weight, ebikes require a powerful and controllable braking system to make sure a safe stop, allowing riders to brake accurately in any situation at different speeds, terrains, and riding habits, ensuring their own and others' safety. Hydraulic Disc brakes are typically the preferred choice for all high-performance ebikes, as they transfer force from the brake lever to the brake pads through hydraulic oil, providing stronger stop function and more precise control. Meanwhile, hydraulic disc brakes require less maintenance and adjustment, making them often the best choice for mountain and road bikes.

750W rear hub motor paired with hydraulic disc brakes make a premium power and braking system for SF20H.


3. Bright Color Screen

Upgrade from the original black/white screen to a brighter color display screen. Whether it's cloudy or rainy, or at night, your riding can be clearly recorded and showed.


4. New Additional Front Basket & Soft Rear Rack Saddle

Providing customers with the best riding experience is the constant goal pursued by VTUVIA. Therefore, we have overall improved advanced accessories of SF20H: It has a solid front basket which can have more carrying capacity. The rear rack has also been equipped with soft long saddle cushions for better sitting experience, you can start a cozy ride with family and friends.

You can carry more needed equipment like your to ride more comfortable and further.


5. Congratulation! SF20H Receives UL 2849 Certification

You may want to ask why UL 2849 certification is so important, well, it's an electrical and fire safety certification established by Underwriters Laboratories for ebike's electric drive system, battery system and charger system. It is a strict and effective national certification.

It's wise to get e-bikes that have been certified by UL 2849, the golden standard of E-bikes industry. So you will no longer worry about battery explosion, charging hazards and electric drive safety. Whether you leave your e-bike at home, charge it daily, or ride when you want, there's an guard effectively protect your personal safety, property safety and family safety. Just having a relax riding.