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Congratulations! Vtuvia E-bikes Receive UL 2849 Certification

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With increasingly popularization of electric bicycles, more people are joining this relax, healthy and fun riding team, and danger approaches as well, battery explosion accidents and fire risk also increase. The safety of e-bikes deserves all of our attention.


UL 2849 The golden standard of E-bikes industry, and we got it!

To help customers using a safer product and living a better riding life, Vtuvia upgraded our products and receives UL 2849 certification. This is an electrical and fire safety certification established by Underwriters Laboratories for ebike’s electric drive system, battery system and charger system. It is a strict and effective national certification.


SN100 26 Inch Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike


Why everyone needs UL certified E-bikes?

It’s wise to recognize e-bikes that have been certified by UL 2849, and you will no longer worry about battery explosion, charging hazards and electric drive safety. Whether you leave your e-bike at home, charge it daily, or ride when you want, there’s a guard to effectively protect your personal safety, property safety and family safety. Just having a relax riding.


You deserve a safer e-bike!



Born for wilderness, reliable electronic system help you through hills and valleys with great power.



First choice for cities and travel. Sturdy and easy to step thru. You can safely carry kids or equipment.


Want but worry about battery safety? This one perfectly satisfy you, make you explore vast distances.



1. Does product or brand easily receives UL 2849 certification?

No, UL 2849 certification requires companies to voluntarily send products to UL designated institutions for testing, and certification can only be obtained after passing all of UL 2849 standards. It is expensive and time-consuming, so that only some powerful companies and products have received this certification.

2. Will Vtuvia have more UL certified products in the future?

As a brand committed to exploring a safe, healthy and fun cycling life, we believe this is a long-term beneficial investment and will continue to strive for it. Please look forward to more UL certified Vtuvia products.

3. How to verify whether your ebike or battery pack has UL 2849 certification?

You can find the certification mark directly on our product frame, or enter the manufacturer's name or product model in the online directory provided by UL to check the certification.


UL2849 Certified VTUVIA E-Bike

Vtuvia has always been committed to creating the safest and most excellent ebikes and providing the highest quality and considerate services. We will focus on riding safety and make it our lifelong mission to make VTUVIA your best choice.
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