How Do Electric Bikes Work?

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

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While the first electric bike was created long ago in 1897, modern electric bikes have come a long way forward. With many people purchasing e-bikes to commute, take on vacation, or just ride around the neighborhood, many people may be wondering exactly how an electric bike works. Let’s take a look at e-bikes versus traditional bikes and the secret to their functionality.


How Do Electric Bikes Work?


When you think about it, there aren’t very many differences between an electric bike and a traditional bike. In fact, the major difference comes down to one all important factor: the electric motor. Most of us have had the experience of piloting a traditional bicycle. You use the pedals to propel a chain that turns the wheels, moving the bike forward. In a sense, the moto on a traditional bicycle is you!


However, with an electric bike, you also have an electric motor, which completely revolutionizes the biking experience. Does this mean you can’t pedal? Of course not. In fact, an e-bike allows you to pedal the bike as much as you want. In fact, you can use an e-bike without using the motor at all. The motor is simply there when you need a little extra push or if you decide to take a break from pedaling and want to rely completely on the motor to move you along. With electric bikes, the choice is yours.


What are Characteristics of an E-Bike Motor?


When it comes to the electric motors on e-bikes, the quality of your experience is completely driven by this feature. Thus, one of the most important aspects of selecting an e-bike is finding a motor that meets your needs. For example, the VTUVIA Step-Thru Fat Tire e-bike has a top performing motor that provides a great all around ride.


The first component to consider when evaluating a motor is the power. Just like with automobiles, more power often makes for a better ride. This is certainly true with VTUVIA bikes. Our bikes are beloved for their 48 volt 750 watt rear hub motor, which provides plenty of power for your needs. Whether you want to let the motor do the work or just need a boost going up hills, this motor can allow you to navigate easily and cruise along at speeds up to 28 miles per hour.


With electric bikes, a key component that complements the motor is the battery. VTUVIA fat tire bikes harness the power of a 48 volt 13 amp hours battery. This is a versatile battery that provides extensive charging time. In fact, happy customers of the VTUVIA line of bikes note that the battery can easily provide up to 45 miles worth of a charge. Another huge benefit is the charging functionality. The removable lithium battery is easy to charge and restores a full charge in less than six hours. In fact, the 36 volt 13 amp hours battery found in VTUVIA’s Commuter Electric City bike can be charged in as little as four hours, meaning charging your e-bike at work can grant you double the distance in a day.


What Else Makes an Electric Bike Work?


Aside from the electric motor and battery, the rest of an e-bike can resemble a traditional bike. However, this is not to say that there aren’t other important components. All bikes can benefit from many other components, including e-bikes. These include things like suspension, brakes, and the overall frame of the bike.


VTUVIA bikes have a particularly strong suspension system, particularly the fat tire models. This is because these bikes are designed to be taken off-road onto many different surfaces including the beach or urban trails. The state of the art suspension creates stability and makes the bikes very easy to handle, one things that people love about the brand.


Additionally, brakes are incredibly important for e-bikes as they can cruise at higher speeds than traditional bikes. Fortunately, the presence of dual disc brakes allows for relatively quick stops without the need to apply a great deal of power. This helps make for a smooth ride and provides important peace of mind in terms of safety features.


Finally, the frame itself is an important performance factor. VTUVIA’s bikes have an aluminum alloy frame that combines strength with lightweight material, improving the bikes durability and portability. Add to this the fact that the bike’s frames are foldable and the compact nature makes it easy to take them virtually everywhere. Thus, while the electric motor and battery are key for the bikes’ operation, there are many other features that are important for functionality as well.


Final Thoughts


Electric bikes leverage the power of electric motors and lithium batteries to provide power to the traditional cycling experience. The VTUVIA line of e-bikes has garnered a strong reputation for being enjoyable, durable, and affordable, placing them as a top contender for best electric bikes. Take a look at the VTUVIA offerings today and embrace the power of the e-bike.