Guides for VTUVIA SF20: How to Set The Correct Parameters?

Guides for VTUVIA SF20: How to Set The Correct Parameters?

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Hello everybody,

We know that the controller, or we can call it SF20 Display plays an important role in our VTUVIA E-Bike, so today will introduce to how to set the correct setting in our VTUVIA SF20, hope everybody can follow this guide to enjoy your riding!


As the picture showed below, there are power level, speed, pedal assist level, and miles you need in the display.

VTUVIA SF20 Paras Setting

If you press the wrong button accidentally, or If you want going into the advanced settings, please press and hold plus and minus for a few seconds. Click the “M” to go from one setting to the next, if you want to go to a different setting, please hit plus or minus.

Guides for VTUVIA SF20

There are the details about each Paras Setting:

P01: Background luminance, usually it’s in the default setting, so it’s going no change.

P02: Mileage setting: MPH or Kilometers, 00001 means miles in MPH, 00000 means in KM.

P03: Voltage grades, our bikes are 48v, so please keep it in 00048.

P04: Sleep time, that means if you want to have a break, you can set a time, and it will let the bike auto shutdown after the mins you are setting. You can choose a number in 1-60 mins.

P05: PAS level, 0-3, 0-5 or 0-9 levels, usually 0-5 is enough for us.

P06: Wheel size, but not the tire size, so please keep the in default setting 00240.

P07: Please Keep in the default setting 00001.

P08: Speed limit. We can set it in 00100 that means no speed limit, if you think our bike is too fast, you can set it in 00030, that means only get 30% percentage of the current speed. Or if you want a limit of speed, you can try to set a number below 100.

P09: Please keep it in the default setting, 00000

P10: Driving mode, keep the default setting in 00002, 00000 is the bike working only in Pedal assist, 00001 means the bike is working only in Throttle, 00002 means Pedal assist and Throttle working together, usually we let it in the 2 setting.

P11: Pedal assist sensitivity, default setting in 00002

P12: Please Keep it in the default setting 00003

P13: Please Keep it in the default setting 00012

P14: Controller voltage, keep it in the default setting 00012

P15: Please Keep it in the default setting 00410

P16: Reset odometer, if you want to reset your odometer, please press and hold the plus button

So in a word, the correct settings should be:

  • P01: No changes
  • P02: 00001 or 00000
  • P03: 00048
  • P04: 00010
  • P05: 0 05
  • P06: 00240
  • P07: 00001
  • P08: 00100
  • P09: 00000
  • P10: 00002
  • P11: 00002
  • P12: 00003
  • P13: 00012
  • P14: 00012
  • P15: 00410
  • P16 Reset odometer, if you want to reset your odometer, please press and hold the plus button

Guides for VTUVIA SF20-2

Hope this article can help you, and please remember the default setting we must keep it, otherwise, it may affect your riding or case some other reasons.

If you have further questions we hope you can contact us, the email address of our VTUVIA Electric Bike support is Remember tell us your name and order number if you want to get the warranty service, and we are sorry currently we only handle those orders on our website.