California Bill Would Require E-Bike Riders to Pass Test

California Bill Would Require E-Bike Riders to Pass Test

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Assemblymember Tasha Boerner has introduced a bill requiring riders to pass a written safety test. The bill targets concerns from Boerner about young riders who may not understand traffic rules.

Passengers aged 12 and above who do not yet have a driver's license would need to take and pass the test. Upon passing, future riders would be required to carry a state-issued identification.

E-Bike California Bill

E-Bike California Bill

Boerner stated that this move is to ensure that both children and parents are aware of traffic rules to ensure the safety of children while riding e-bikes.

The test will be based on the safety training released by the California Highway Patrol for AB 1946 (also written by Boerner).

"E-bikes offer a sense of freedom that many children and Californians seek," Boerner said, "but it's crucial that we ensure they know how to ride according to our road rules and make safe and wise decisions when sharing the road with cars and pedestrians."

AB 2234 is a variation of AB 530, a bill introduced by Boerner in 2023, which would issue e-bike licenses for all riders aged 12 and above without a driver's license. However, the DMV has suspended changes to licenses until 2030, effectively eliminating AB 530.

"Through this bill, I aim to address the gap in education for young riders and ensure the safety of the next generation of Californians on the road," Boerner said.

Boerner believes the focus should be on education and equity. Riders who violate e-bike rules would be diverted to education and community services instead of being fined.