A women's guide for choosing ebike!

A women's guide for choosing ebike!

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Cycling is a good opportunity to exercise, enjoy nature, and make friends, and ebikes make it more convenient and comfortable for you to ride farther. Start your ebike journey with this guide to women's riding!

A suitable ebike can help you avoid many inconveniences and discomforts of riding and complete your ride more relaxedly. There are many types of ebikes and accessories to adapt to different terrains and riding styles. It is a good way to choose the ebike you need based on your riding needs.


Balance City Commuter & Outdoor Travel

For example, when you want an ebike that can ride freely in the city and its surrounding areas, and use it as a good helper for daily transportation and outdoor travel, a well-balanced ebike can make it easy for you to get started: the elegant and simple Reindeer has 750W brushless gear motor and 80NM max torque enable all-terrain riding, and the premium LG battery allows it to be fully powered for daily travel or wilderness adventures. This ebike has also passed the UL 2849 certification, the industry gold standard, which can perfectly protect your safety.



Of course, cost-effectiveness is also a factor that must be considered, SJ26 also has powerful performance. The 7 Gears Shimano Shift System can flexibly adapt to different terrains. The bright paint makes it look vibrant and distinctive.



For newbies & Easy to Ride

If you are a novice, or have some fear or worry about electric riding, the safe and comfortable Giraffe will be a good choice for you. The 500W motor power reduces the risk of high-speed riding, and the shimano and pedal-assist speed systems provide precise shifting. and a smooth riding experience.



Middle-aged and elderly ladies and short female riders often have difficulty finding an ebike of the right size. We have specially launched a 20 inch step-thru series of ebikes, including the powerful SX20 which has upgraded 750w brushless gear hub motor can reach peak power 1100W. Paired with 7 Gears Shimano System, any terrain can be easily conquered by it.



Another affordable choice is the very best-selling SF20, which also has 750w motor and 48v removable battery. Once charging you can ride 48km. The entire ebike is UL2849 certified, making it a safer entry-level type. Both SX20 and SF20 are equipped with a folding system. This clever structural design makes folding a breeze, and even women can complete it alone.




In addition to riding, ebikes are also often used as carrying tools. Kangaroo has a unique cargo design, with matching rear racks, storage baskets and other cargo accessories from front to back, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of life.

Hunting & Adventures

For lovers of outdoor riding and wilderness adventures, the upgraded SN100 Hunting Ebike will bring you the most outstanding experience. The 750w premium hub motor requires almost no maintenance. Hydraulic Brakes Front and Gear, 7-Speed Shimano Gears and Exsho Front-Suspension Fork form a powerful but the absolutely controllable and stable riding system, bright LCD Display and Anti-puncture Reflective Tires make wind and rain no longer an obstacle to you.



Facing the need for longer distance riding, Gemini uses dual LG batteries to achieve an astonishing 80-mile battery life. The 1000W Brushless Gear Motor has a peak power of 1600W, and 100NM maximum torque make it extremely powerful and dominate any terrain.


Female riders not only pay attention to the appearance of ebikes, but also focus on to the function performance and using experience, their specific personal needs for electric riding need to be seen. I hope this guide can help you make a wiser purchase and let ebike start a healthier, more relax and fun life for you.