Safety Tips for VTUVIA E-Bike: How to Turn Your Bike?

Safety Tips for VTUVIA E-Bike: How to Turn Your Bike?


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Hi guys. It's VTUVIA Support Lisa here. We are going over VTUVIA E-bike basics today. Specifically, we'll be showing you how to turn on your VTUVIA E-Bike.

Tips before turning on your VTUVIA E-Bike:

  1. Insert the battery and lock it in.
  2. Power on the battery.
  3. Put on your helmet.
  4. Safely mount your bike.

You're ready to ride. Now you just have to mount the bike. We have a few videos on how to mount, here you go:

Okay, so you're ready to ride your e-bike for the first time. You've got your bike assembled, tires inflated, batteries charged. Now you've got to turn it on. So first, what you'll do is insert the battery if it isn't already inserted. To do that, you're just going to slide it in. You'll have to turn the key to fully insert it, and from there, you can remove the key.

Make sure you remove the key. Otherwise, it might bounce around, and then the battery could potentially slip out. But anyway, the battery's secure, keys removed. Next, you are going to power on the battery. There's a switch here at the back. You just flip that switch. Now, the battery is ready to go, but the motor still isn't on. So before turning the motor on, I like to mount the bike. So, helmets on.

How to turn on your E-Bike?

1. Hold down the power button and wait for the display to light up.
2. Make sure you have enough battery charge.
3. Start with pedal assist level one.
4. Gently hit throttle to familiarize.

Thank you for watching. Hopefully, this was helpful to you if you're just getting started out with our VTUVIA electric bikes. Thanks for watching. Remember, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.