Guides to Electric Bike Maintenance

Guides to Electric Bike Maintenance


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Hello everybody, today we will show you some tips for how to care for and maintain your bike to keep it ready-ready and extend its life.

We know that the ebikes require some regular maintenance to keep them road-ready. But eBike's are heavier, more durable, and more complex than traditional cycles, so they have some additional maintenance considerations.

Regular electric bike maintenance is essential, especially if you are riding hard through rough or muddy terrain. Below are some tips and tricks to keep your bike on the road and out of the repair shop.

Take care of your eBike battery

The battery is a top priority when it comes to maintaining your eBike. The battery is one of the most important electric bike parts and one you won’t be familiar with from using a traditional cycle.

E-Bike batteries can last for years and be recharged thousands of times, but you will need to properly care for the battery if you want to get the most charges out of it.

To extend your battery, be sure to top up the charge whenever you have the chance. Use your pedal mode when you don't need full power, and remember that wind resistance in bad weather may drain your battery faster than on a mild day.

For long-term storage, refer to your manual to see whether you should store your battery with a specific charge. Recommend storing your bike with the battery fully charged.

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Clean and lubricate your eBike chain

The last thing you want is a chain issue when you're out enjoying your ride. E-Bike chain maintenance is essential, as metal chains are prone to rust when left dirty or not properly lubricated. A dirty chain is also harder on your chaining and cassette.

You will need a degreasing soap and a chain scrubber to clean the chain and drivetrain. It’s important to clean this area by hand. Don't ever point a high-pressure hose directly at your bike's electrical components, as this could damage them.

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After cleaning the chain, you should apply a chain lubricant; there are different chain lubes available on the market for different climates and seasons, so check the labels before you buy. Don't forget to remove any excess lube with a cleaning rag; extra lube will attract more dirt.

Taking care of your eBike tires

When it comes to electric bike maintenance, overlooking your tires is a big mistake. Ensuring your eBike tires are in good condition is an important eBike safety measure. E-Bikes are much heavier than conventional bikes, so they need a robust set of tires under them.

Flat tires are every rider's worst nightmare, so stay on top of your tire pressure. Keeping your tires pumped and within the recommended pressure levels will help you avoid flats, improve your battery and pedal efficiency, and make riding more comfortable.

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On a traditional bike, you notice pretty quickly if your tires deflate because you'll find yourself having to work much faster to propel the bike. But on an electric bike, the motor will compensate and mask the problem, all while draining your battery faster. It's always a good idea to check your tire pressure before you head out on a ride.

Check your eBike brakes

Reliable brakes are an essential safety feature of an eBike, and maintaining them should be a high priority. Brakes that aren't in good condition can put riders in danger, especially when you're riding on steep terrain.

New brakes can be squeaky, but if you've owned your bike for a while and the brakes are squeaking, that's cause for concern. Squeaking can occur when oil or grease gets on the brake pad, wheel rim, or rotor. A misalignment between the braking surfaces may also cause squeaking.

You should check your brakes before riding and replace brake pads and rotors promptly if you see any signs of wear.

Check and clean your eBike frame

Bike frames get dirty with regular use, especially if you’re riding out in the backcountry. It may seem pointless to wash the frame of your bike when you know it will just get dirty again. But if left uncleaned, the dirt and grime can build up and leave your bike susceptible to rusting.

Check your manual before applying chemicals to the frame of your eBike, as some paints may react differently with cleaning chemicals.

A light cleaning solution and soft cleaning rags are usually all you need to keep your frame looking fresh. If you've been out in the backcountry and the bike is particularly muddy, then you may need to use a brush. Make sure you leave the battery on when cleaning your eBike to protect the connectors.