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April Stom: Seeking Beauty Always and Enjoying Her Amazing Riding Career

April stom is a nature freak who loves travel and riding. She likes to embrace nature, pursue the sky, sunset and clouds, also discover and collect these fragments of happiness in life. She continues to develop her career, owning a bicycle club and creating her own riding art, allowing riders to party together for romantic nights in Las Vegas.

Have eyes that detect the natural beauty in life

Just like every day in our life, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the clouds sway in the sky with the wind. April Stom captures these natural beauties with her eyes is good at discovery, and takes photos to record these daily wonderful moments: the ever-changing sky, the colorful sunset, and imaginative clouds are the little miracles that happen every day that decorate our lives, aren't they?

▼ Flowers, plants, insects, these sweet creatures have their own dressing styles and grow freely.

▼ The vast sea and sky merge into one, and clouds are their blushing cheeks. As the wind stretches its body, the clouds continue to change their shapes, sometimes like a fierce and passionate flamenco, and sometimes dancing a lingering and romantic waltz.

 These scenery wash our souls and make us forget our troubles. They are the infinite gifts that nature brings us. Like April, you may care about the flowers, trees, and animals around you, and discover unknown beauty and fun in your daily.

Build a life with love: Writing a memoir of love & starting her own career

How happy it is to live with people you love and experience the ups and downs of life together. April often writes down the stories that connect her family: her granny often baked for her, which was the happiest taste in april's childhood. April inherited granny's name "April" and great bake skills. And when April was a kid, her creative kingdom was grumpy's garage, they worked together on all kinds of whimsical wood projects. Also April's mother, who has been fighting against bad genes, tries to save her life every day as well.

These links of love, the courage to fight against difficulties and the wisdom of life have become April's spiritual wealth, making her a free and powerful person now.

 April is also constantly exploring what she wants. She fell in love with riding and started her own riding club, Lizridez, which is "An Award Winning bicycle club based in Southern California riding LED lit bikes, bringing good vibes, and riding through a community near you. " They are enthusiastic, have strong hands-on modification skills and regular group riding activities. They gain laughter, health and friendship while riding.

Enjoy a freedom and fun riding night with Litriderz

Hollywood Nightz monthly ride every 2nd Saturday🎬 E-bikes recommended.


We will introduce you to Litridez's masterpieces of modified ebikes and fun riding nights, and invite you to ride with them. Let's take a look!

April showed us her modified VTUVIA SF20, which is a 20-inch folding fat tire electric bike. The step-stru design allows you to easily get on and off without lifting your legs, which can bring comfort to April because of her chronic pain.

    She also used light bars to dress up her SF20 into an exclusive art, and even changed the dress code according to seasons and festivals. Look at this warm and exquisite Christmas-style modification, the red and green staggered light tubes light up the entire bike, she also added silver tinsel, cute colorful balls, and snow-white snowflake pendants to rich decor details. April's ingenuity can be seen everywhere. Not to mention the light bars and long flags behind her bike, she brings the joy of Christmas to everyone on the street.

      Recently, she also re-decorated her bike into a cool pink blue style, which complemented the Las Vegas Sphere and seemed to bring us a wonderful light magic. As well as April's bold and creative modifications, her riding club are also full of enthusiasm and joy. Like-minded cyclists gather together to ride, and ride on the road of enjoying their love and exploring themselves.

      As well as April's bold and creative modifications, her riding club are also full of enthusiasm and joy. Like-minded cyclists gather together to ride, and ride on the road of enjoying their love and exploring themselves.