What's development the coronavirus bring to electric bicycles?

What's development the coronavirus bring to electric bicycles?

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Countries around the world are beginning to consider how to relax coronavirus measures because they want to safely withdraw from the lock-in situation and proceed in a way that minimizes the risk of a second wave of infection. Obviously, a good and safe bicycle infrastructure is an essential element to attract more people to ride bicycles and electric bicycles.

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Obviously, alternative transportation of electric bicycles may play an important role in these plans because the authorities are looking for ways to enable people to move around the world's cities with minimal risk.

Exercise is needed in the case of blockades, which has become the main message for governments around the world to provide advice to their citizens on how to respond to restrictions. The US's People for Bike's has these useful tips on safe cycling whilst social distancing.

The government usually recommends keeping a distance of 2 meters from others. Of course, cycling and cycling can make this easy for you, provided the cycling environment allows you to do so. Electric bicycles are known as a means to solve the problem of public transport congestion in the second stage

Let's take a look at how each country does it:

The Italian government task force uses bicycles as a safer mode of transportation in the city and specifically requires how to raise funds for electric bicycles to avoid public transport congestion. May 4th will see Italy gradually relax the restrictive travel measures and the article reports 'The taskforce will be handed ministerial powers to help rebuild the country during 'phase 2' of the coronavirus crisis re-group's objectives are to reorganize travel and regulate public transport and e-bikes may have a part to play.

New York has begun to close or renovate 40 miles of streets to expand the space for pedestrians and bicycles. Mayor de Blasio said the goal is to expand the network to 100 miles before the end of the pandemic. After the political struggle to increase lanes, please look forward to fighting for more lanes after the virus.

The French capital Paris bans the use of private cars on one of its main central roads, Rue de Rivoli, which will be changed to dedicated lanes with bicycles, buses, taxis, emergency vehicles, and certain deliverables.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Thursday that these measures will remain during the pandemic, but will prove permanent if proven successful.

We are also very happy to see the introduction of a free electric bike program for health workers.

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