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The Electric Bicycles Can Burn More Calories?

Compared with ordinary bicycles, electric bicycles can make you exercise more. A recent study found that electric bikes burned 444 calories and ordinary bicycles burned 552 calories.

Regular bicycles need more exercise every hour, but there are a few points to add.

First of all, riding with electric assistance can only reduce calorie burning by 20%. As the study shows, burning 440 calories in an hour is very important-burning regularly, this calorie-burning will cause significant weight loss. 

Second, this is a comparison of two bicycles riding at the same time. All the evidence shows that e-bike riders ride bicycles longer and more frequently than ordinary cyclists.

As this study shows, the average travel distance of electric bicycles and bicycle riders are significantly higher than the bicycle travel time of cyclists.

In other words, electric bicycles use less energy per mile, but ride more distances and burn more overall energy.