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VTUVIA E-Bikes Warranty Policy On Replacement Procedures
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Join our distribution network to help us reach more customers across the world. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience, and we believe that by partnering with experienced and reliable distributors like you, we can achieve that goal. Let's work together to bring the best electric bike products to customers around the world!

Why Choose Vtuvia?

Dealer Network Policy

If our direct-to-consumer website gets sales in your area, we require customers to have their bikes assembled, inspected, and registered the serial number at a local authorized dealer's store, otherwise the bikes won't be covered under warranty. This approach supports local authorized dealers by driving traffic to their stores for transactions and allows us to rebate our dealers through assembly fees and further after-sales service fees.

Repair Service Center Network Policy

If you are willing to become our Repair Service Center, for all direct-to-consumer website sales in your region, we will require customers to have their bikes assembled, inspected, and registered with the serial number at the Repair Service Center store; otherwise, the bikes won't be covered under warranty. This approach ensures we provide professional mechanical and electrical services in stores to guarantee the after-sale quality of Vtuvia. Additionally, it helps drive traffic to the local Repair Service Center, ultimately boosting sales and facilitating its transition into a Dealer.

Expanded distribution network

By partnering with us, you'll gain access to a wider customer base and distribution network, allowing you to reach more potential buyers and increase your sales.

Marketing and promotional support

We provide extensive marketing and promotional support to our distributors, helping them to build their brand and reach more customers.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing to ensure that our distributors can earn a fair profit while still offering our customers affordable prices.

Vtuvia V-Day for Dealers

Not your average bike dealership.

Dealers joining us would be pleased to know what Vtuvia already has an active community surrounding our brand and that we organize events that benefit both us, our dealers and customers. One of these events is V-Day.

Vtuvia V-Day is an exciting event where electric bike enthusiasts come together for a day of fun, knowledge-sharing, and freebies. Attendees can enjoy free electric bike repair and tune-ups, test the latest Vtuvia models, and receive complimentary Vtuvia swag. It's a chance to connect with fellow riders, enhance your biking knowledge, and have a great time in the electric biking community.

By joining us, your dealership can enjoy the benefits of an existing community of riders and the special relationship that Vtuvia has built with its riders.

Become Our Dealer &Retailer & Distributor